Over on Instagram I have posted every now and again about my thoughts on #laceforboys. Some of you know that my youngest son Reuben has a few pairs of his own lace bloomers (Black Luxe Lace and Earth Child). 

While lace is traditionally viewed as a feminine aesthetic, I would hope that if you like lace, and if your son likes lace, that it can be a part of their wardrobes and their own self-expression too.

When my eldest started kindergarten I started to see and hear how the traditional constructs of gender were beginning to take root in his mind. Soon enough the filters of “that’s for boys” and “that’s for girls” became a part of how he viewed the world. Often I heard myself saying “beautiful things are for everybody” in response to the ideas that flowers, rainbows, and ‘pretty things’ could no longer be of interest to him as a boy.

I know that the social constructs of gender are com-pli-CATED. And that across every family, community, and culture there are many, many layers of meanings, perceptions and traditions that feed into these constructs. My hope is that in my own family, my husband and I can help our kids understand that their gender is whatever they feel is right for them. That as they grow, they feel comfortable and confident to experiment with how they express themselves through their words, their actions, and, if it interests them, their fashion too.

The Eighteen Fifty One that you see now is just the tiniest seed of what I hope to create and achieve with my label. Fashion has great power for social change, and if my ideas and my work can be a tiny part of how we express ourselves and how we garner meaning through those outward expressions of self, my heart and my soul will be so deeply happy! 


Shows a toddler boy running towards the camera. He is wearing a white t-shirt with a green screen printed cactus on it, and a pair of natural cotton lace bloomers.

Boys can wear lace too!

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