100 Pairs of Bloomers for Your Babes

When I made the very difficult decision to put Eighteen Fifty One on hold, I decided to sell the laces that I had already purchased at cost price. Well, less than cost because $35 really only covers material and postage, not time.

But there’s a reason for that. Those laces are beautiful, and deserve to be worn by your babes instead of languishing in my sewing room drawers while I wait for some opportunity to bring 1851 back again.

So, when I posted on Instagram and send a little email out to you all, I expected that I *may* be lucky enough to sell 20 or 30 pairs. Over 100 pairs later (in less than 24 hours) here we are! Completely sold out.

This makes me feel so, so grateful. Not only for your support of my business, but to see just how many of you, my beautiful return customers, have purchased again before I go. There really is no bigger compliment that you guys could ever pay me than to love your bloomers so much that you can’t let the opportunity pass to get your hands on some more!

And now, we sew.

I’m sure you can understand that with over 100 pairs of bloomers to sew (approximately 1 hours work per pair), while I work full time in my new job and Mum to my three young children, getting all of your orders out is going to take me a little while.

I promise you that I am going as fast as I can (without messing up your beautiful laces!) and am proud to say that I have cut 75% of the orders and will begin sewing this weekend. My beautiful mum, the woman who taught me to sew and encouraged me to start this business) is going to help me with turning these boxes of 400 pieces of fabric, 100 ribbons and 300 elastics into beautiful bloomers. Rest assured you are in amazing hands with my Mum at her machine alongside mine.

1851 Styling Packs – PANDA Charity Auction

Finally, I am excited to announce that I will be auctioning off all of the styling pieces and accessories that I have amassed during the last 18 months, with 100% of the proceeds going to PANDA National – the Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Helpline Australia.

Sharing my own experience of anxiety has been something I have tried show is an integral part of my business story. Because this business was born of who I am, and anxiety is a part of that! I am privileged (yes, privileged!) to have received counselling and support from the staff at PANDA on a few different occasions. This not-for-profit organisation has not only helped my own family but so many others. Our donations go a long way to ensuring the service remains open for as many hours each day as possible, which is why I am proud to be donating all of the auction proceeds to PANDA.

Again, like the laces, these beautiful decor pieces and accessories are better used to raise money for this worthy cause, and then enjoyed by you and your little ones, rather than remaining stored away in my drawers!

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You can also follow my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/eighteenfiftyone and turn on notifications to ensure you see the Auction Styling Packs album and other announcements when they are posted.

Thank you again, for everything! Time for me to put my little ones to bed and get sewing.

x Cassie